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Salsa Fusion was born out of passion and love of salsa music on 25th April 1991, with the tireless encouragement and help of Lora Walsh and Nick Hopwood. It is run by (Julio) H. Martinez T. Then, the classes were held on Thursdays and drew about 20 students. A few other people were teaching salsa in those days but they did not have a particular method or a structured teaching style.


Salsa Fusion blends together the steps and rhythms of salsa styles from as far afield as Colombia, Cuba, Puerto Rico and New York, breaking down the movements into individual steps.



The ever-growing popularity of Salsa Fusion meant that on 31st August 1991 a Saturday afternoon salsa class was added to our weekly schedule, and in September 1992 we held our first regular course in Merengue.

By the end of 1992 there were over 1000 people on our mailing list and many of our students had improved so much that there was a demand for an advanced class, and so in January of 1993 Salsa Fusion started the first specialised classes for this level. We successfully introduced a video camera into the advanced class so that we could focus on the correction of style.

The jump from the Beginners to the Intermediates class was proving to be a big hurdle and so in July 1993 Salsa Fusion bridged the gap with the Introductory Intermediate Class.

In June 1994 Salsa Fusion started the first of regular courses in Cumbia.

Another first for Salsa Fusion was the introduction of classes for gay men and women in July 1994.

The first gay demonstration team was formed within 3 months and made its debut in December 1994 at an exhibition in Earls Court. Today the classes are as popular as ever, and retain the fun and friendly atmosphere that they started out with way back in 1991. Changing partners regularly during classes has always meant that they are very sociable events, and that our students have great versatility and experience as dancers.

Salsa Fusion is a member of the UKA (The United Kingdom Alliance of Dance and Drama).



On the 13th September 1991 Salsa Fusion opened its first club night at Notre Dame Hall in Leicester Square. We realised that there was a need for a club with a large dance floor to enable people to dance in couples with ease. Clubs then, like many today, had small dance floors which were not suitable for dancing in couples.

Notre Dame Hall has a beautifully large dance floor, and the first dances attracted 80 to 100 people.

By 1993 there was a demand for more club nights with space to dance so Salsa Fusion opened a 2nd club night each month in Vauxhall. In 1994 Salsa Fusion moved the Vauxhall club night to Notre Dame Hall where we now operate two club nights per month.



In its first year during the summer of 1991, Salsa Fusion formed its first demonstration team and gave its first performance to a critical audience of both English and Latins. The team was well received it has not looked back since.

Each year the demonstration team has added to its repertoire with a new routine and performs on many occasionsto help raise money for charity.



In June 1992 classes were started on a Tuesday to help raise money for NSC. These classes proved so popular that a NSC demonstration team was formed and performed at the NSC Christmas dance in December of that year.


Salsa Fusion all started with a survey and 25 replies in 1991. From 20 students in 1991, Salsa Fusion now boasts a mailing-list of over 4000 which continues to expand. More than 400 people regularly attend the club nights and the classes are attended by up to 90 people on any one day.

If you have any suggestions, comments or queries we would love to hear from you, so why not get in touch via on the telephone. See you soon! Contact Information
Tel: 07951 811 488

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