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We start with the Beginners Class, then move on to the Intermediate Class. Each class lasts about one hour.

In addition we have classes with guest teachers on our Club Nights.

You do not need to come with a partner as we change partners every few minutes. This is a system that we have found to be very fun and friendly, and also very helpful in turning students into confident and versatile dancers.

No special footwear or clothes are required and you should wear what you feel is most comfortable. Thick heavy trainers and shoes with too much grip are not the most appropriate as spinning is involved.

The classes are ongoing and you can join them at any point. (There is no need to book)


In this class the salsa rhythm and basic step patterns are taught along with some early emphasis on style.

The class caters for complete beginners, whether you have 'two left feet', 'no co-ordination', 'no sense of rhythm' - or not !!

Students with a firm command of the basic rhythm are encouraged to move quickly on to the Intermediates Class.


This class progressively develops style and repertoire by practicing a wide range of moves to an exciting mix of music. During the class a sequence is gradually built up combining turns, spins and other moves.

Students beginning the Intermediate Class are encouraged to warm up with the Beginners Class, ensuring that they are in 'full swing' before following the new steps of this class.

As students become more comfortable with the salsa rhythm they will develope a larger repertoire and learn more challenging moves



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